1927 Doll Exchange Between Japan and America
National Science Museum, Tokyo

In 1927, based on a proposal by American missionary Sidney Gulick, 12,739 dolls ("Blue-eyed Dolls") were sent by the Committee on World Friendship Among Children to kindergartens and elementary schools throughout Japan, as well as Chosen (Korea), Taiwan, Karafuto, and Kantoshu. As a return gift from the children at schools that received dolls, the Japanese Committee on International Friendship Among Children sent 58 Japanese dolls ("Black-eyed Dolls") to America as Dolls of Gratitude.

Photos of three Torei Ningyo (Dolls of Gratitude), Miss Chosen, Miss Taiwan, and Miss Karafuto, are kept at an annex of the National Science Museum.

Miss Chosen Miss Taiwan Miss Karafuto
Miss Chosen Miss Taiwan Miss Karafuto

Besides these, if anyone knows of other photos of Torei Ningyo taken in Japan in 1927, please contact:

Noriko Harada, Public Service Division
The National Science Museum
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