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History of Blue-eyed Dolls

    Blue-eyed Doll Assembly at Aikawa Elementary



      History of Blue-eyed Dolls

"Blue-eyed Dolls" are the dolls given in 1927 by the United States to Japanese elementary schools.

These dolls were at that time "symbols of Japanese-American friendship," but a great number were destroyed as "enemy dolls" during World War II.

Although 11,970 dolls were distributed throughout Japan, only 195 now exist due to the unfortunate war.

After the war, several dolls hidden for many years were discovered. Many people considered again the significance of these "Blue-eyed Dolls."


1926 - American Dr. Gulick coordinated the activities of the "Friendship Doll" project.

1927 - 12,739 Blue-eyed Dolls were given to promote friendship between Japan and America. 129 dolls were given to Yamanashi Prefecture.

1941 - During the war Blue-eyed Dolls were destroyed and burned as dolls from the enemy.

1995 - The Blue-eyed Doll named Christina arrives.


Jennifer at Aikawa Elementary

This doll was sent to Japan from America in 1927. Jennifer wears a cloak and sits in a chair. Kiyoshi Yamamoto, the 15th principal at Aikawa Elementary School, preserved the doll. At the Blue-eyed Doll Assembly in 1982, the children proclaimed, "We want this doll Jennifer to stay at Aikawa Elementary forever." Now the doll is kept in the principal's office and is loved by the children.                

Another Doll at Aikawa Elementary


Blue-eyed Doll Assembly at Aikawa Elementary

The first Blue-eyed Doll Assembly was held in 1982. It was held every year after that, but from 1989 until now it has taken place every two years.


We learned a lot about the Blue-eyed Dolls by making this web page. Please try to find out more about the Blue-eyed Dolls!

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