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The Friendship Doll exchange of 1927 generated much correspondence between the two countries. Letters accompanied both the American and Japanese Friendship Dolls on their journey across the Pacific Ocean. After the dolls arrived at their destinations, many thank-you letters were also written to express the gratitude of the recipients. This section contains a few of the letters written in association with the original Friendship Doll exchange between America and Japan.

In some cases, the exchange of correspondence lasted for many years, only to be abruptly cut short when Japan and the United States went to war in 1941. Zenzo Imazu, a man in his early 90s, still treasures the letters he received from America during this time. You can read Mr. Imazu's story in an excerpt from Patrick Carey's book Rediscovering the Old Tokaido: In the Footsteps of Hiroshige.

Friendship Dolls, along with letters, continue to be exchanged between Japan and America. This section has a few examples of these letters:

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