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Friendship Doll Links

This page provides some of the best web pages and sites to get general information about the Friendship Dolls exchanged between Japan and the US. Individual sections of this Friendship Doll web site contain many more links.

Site in English

  • Nagasaki Tamako - Much information and many photos about the Japanese Ambassador Doll named Miss Nagasaki.

Sites in Japanese

The following sites are written in Japanese.  However, even if you do not read Japanese, you may still want to visit them to see the photos the American Blue-eyed Dolls in Japan

  • Blue-eyed Dolls Home Page - Huge amount of information on all aspects of the Blue-eyed Dolls sent to Japan by the US in 1927. Has photos and other material about individual dolls located throughout Japan.  Has links to other sites (mostly elementary schools) that show photos of the Blue-eyed Dolls.
  • Miyagi Blue-eyed Doll Study Group Web Site - Pages on eight Blue-eyed Dolls of Miyagi Prefecture and on the Japanese Ambassador Doll named Miss Miyagi.
  • Blue-eyed Dolls Museum - History of Blue-eyed Dolls, including photographs from 1927.
  • Kagawa Friendship Doll Association - Various information about Miss Kagawa, plus extensive files of newspaper articles on "blue-eyed dolls." Many photos of Miss Kagawa's homecoming trip to Japan and her return to US from Japan after being "refurbished."

Last Update: April 14, 2021