Blue-eyed Doll

Around the Blue-eyed Doll "Mary"

She was given in 1927 to Azumi School as a Friendship Doll from America.

From the School Diary

May 3, 1927   Tuesday   Rain   Principal Wako leaves prefecture on business.
May 6   Friday   Clear   Meeting to show American doll (gift from Committee on World Friendship Among Children) that Principal received when he left the prefecture the other day. Talk by Principal Wako.

From "Blue-eyed Doll" Photo Collection

    Riding a bus through the villages in the mountains, the "Blue-eyed Doll" came to our school. Fumito Okuhara (former Education Director), who was a second-year high school student at the time, clearly remembers when Principal Wako, with a smile on his face, appeared with the doll box in his arms.

    The children who met in the gymnasium were surprised at the doll that could say "mama" and open wide its blue eyes. The children talked among themselves, "Oh, what a surprise! The doll can make a sound." "I wonder how the doll came here. She must be expensive."

    It is not known how the doll was kept safe during the war, but it seems she was placed in the library room.

              Talking to the Blue-eyed Doll

By Azumi School's children all around Mary             

Blue-eyed Doll Mary,
                Can you hear our voices?
                Can you see our faces?

Mary, do you remember when you came to Azumi Elementary and Junior High School?
Surely everyone was surprised at you.
And they reached out their hands wanting to touch you, and they certainly hugged you.

Mary, you were very precious to Azumi's children and made them happy.
Surely you grew to love Azumi's children when they hugged you.
You came so America and Japan could become good friends.

Despite this, war began between America and Japan.
How hard was it in wartime?
Didn't you experience hardships?

Were you worried perhaps that the Azumi children would
                Burn you?
                Destroy you?
                Hate you?

Sorry you were made to feel all alone.
We will take good care of Mary,
We will kindly watch over you.

Mary, you are a treasure of Azumi Elementary and Junior High School
And a symbol of friendship and peace.
Everyone will take good care of you.

From the Diary of One Class

After the talk to Mary, everyone
quickly gathers around her!
Mary, isn't it great?

Blue-eyed Doll

    I didn't know there was a Blue-eyed Doll at Azumi Elementary and Junior High School. I thought the video we saw was interesting. I think we have something terrific here at Azumi.

    Today we watched a video about the Blue-eyed Dolls. It was very fun, but some parts were a little scary. I want to try watching it again. In the library I tried holding her. Today's story about Mary was very enjoyable. I want to see her again.

Blue-eyed Doll
    Azumi Elementary and Junior High School also has a Blue-eyed Doll. It's great that there is such a terrific doll here. The Blue-eyed Doll was named Mary. The people who have continued to take care of her are great. It was a great story, and she is a great doll. It was great!

After listening to Mary's story, we rush over to her!!

"I wonder who took care of you."
"Surely it must be our school's teachers!!"

Special thanks to Azumi Elementary School for permission to publish this web page.
This is an English translation of a Japanese web page (link no loner available).

Friendship Visit to Azumi Elementary School

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