Blue-eyed Dolls
There are two Blue-eyed Dolls at our school. Fourteen years ago on New Year's Day, a doll was discovered in the Resource Room. Since then the doll has continued to look upon the children of Izumi Elementary School. After discovering the doll, with the help of various people, a letter was sent to Dr. Gulick's grandson, who sent a passport for the doll. At that time, "Alice" was sent for the two dolls to "be together." When Mary was discovered, her left hand was hanging down. Since the doll looked miserable, Masa Kobayashi reattached her hand in October 1998. These Blue-eyed Dolls are the treasures of Izumi Elementary School. Even now the dolls always watch over us on top of the stage during entrance ceremonies and graduation ceremonies.

This is an English translation of part of a Japanese web page (link no longer available).

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