Blue-eyed Doll "Jane"
Jane is the doll sent to Matsumoto Kindergarten from America in 1927. In response to the call of Sidney Gulick and others who were worried about the expulsion of Japanese people from America at that time, over 10,000 dolls from all over America, each one with her own name, were sent to Japan for the purpose of friendship. Elementary schools and kindergartens in Nagano Prefecture received 286 dolls, but many were destroyed during the war, so today only 22 dolls are in existence. This doll Jane is displayed at Matsumoto Kindergarten on the day of Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival). She has been kept with great care.
Jane, with Japanese Ichimatsu doll, on display at former Kaichi School
 Jane is on permanent display at the former Kaichi School in the city of Matsumoto. Kaichi School was opened in 1873. The former Kaichi School now functions as a museum, with exhibits of educational materials from the late Edo Period to the present day.
Former Kaichi School Building
The school building of the former Kaichi School is one of the oldest in Japan and had been used for 90 years. This building was designated by the Japanese government as an Important Cultural Property in 1961.
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Special thanks to the former Kaichi School for permission to publish this web page

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