Blue-eyed Doll       (Message to us across time)

Rosalie's Passport
This is the passport of the doll that was given to us for friendship by the American Dr. Gulick about 70 years ago.

A steamship ticket also is attached to the passport. In addition, many handmade clothes made by the Doctor's wife are in a bag. Her kindness has been shown to us.

Audrey's Passport
This is the passport of the doll we were given in 1995 by Dr. Gulick's grandson. Just like in Rosalie's time, there were many handmade clothes inside of a bag. On that day, Rosalie who was all alone before was surely filled with joy by having a friend. 
Surrounding the "Blue-eyed Doll"
The children at Minami Hirata Elementary School use this Blue-eyed Doll story, which has been made into a pamphlet, for moral education classes throughout the entire school. During the time of the regrettable war, there was a teacher who secretly hid the Blue-eyed Doll in the school's attic.

Nowadays, with the Japanese Doll "Sakurako" as a new friend, it has become very lively here.

I thought it is great that even though Japanese people did not know what they would face during wartime, they protected the doll received from America.     (second-grade boy)

I have a hard time when I think about Rosalie's feelings. Especially, it was painful for her when she was hidden in the attic room. However, I think that now she is happy.     (second-grade girl)

This is an English translation of a Japanese web page (link no longer available).

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