Blue-eyed Doll

In 1927, about 12,000 dolls were sent to Japan from America with the hope that feelings of international friendship would bud between the children. One of these dolls was discovered at Mito Nanbu Elementary School in 1985 together with a photograph of the welcoming ceremony from that time.

In response to these Blue-eyed Dolls, Black-eyed Dolls (Torei Dolls), made with the money contributed by Japanese girls (about one sen each), were sent to America showing thanks and friendship from Japan.

Helen is now being kept and displayed in our school's principal's office together with replicas of the Torei Dolls (Dolls of Gratitude) from that time.

This is an English translation of a Japanese web page (link no longer available).
Special thanks to Mito Nanbu Elementary School for permission to publish this web page

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