In 1927, 12,729 Blue-eyed Dolls were sent to Japanese elementary schools and kindergartens by the American missionary Mr. Gulick. However, afterwards during the war they were burned and destroyed, and now 290 dolls remain in the entire country. Two dolls, including Mary, remain in Maebashi.
    Currently, Mary has gone on a trip from Momonoi Elementary School to the Maebashi City Education Museum. People wishing to see her should go to the Maebashi City Education Museum in the Education Plaza.
    The new Blue-eyed Doll was sent by Mr. Gulick, 3d (grandson of Mr. Gulick), in 1990 with the help of Mr. Hirotada Yokota. Inside her box is a change of clothes, a traveling bag, a passport, and a message.
    In Maebashi, there are three dolls besides Christine.
Blue-eyed Doll (Mary) New Blue-eyed Doll (Christine)

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