Before Bernice's Arrival

Bernice, a Blue-eyed Doll, was given by America. American Sidney Gulick discussed how to improve relations with Japan. The dolls were given to kindergartens and schools. There were some places that did not receive dolls. Over 12,000 dolls were given to Japan.

Coming of Bernice

The Blue-eyed Dolls came, and they were welcomed at kindergartens and schools throughout Japan. Of course, Bernice was also welcomed at Moriyama Elementary School. The children played with Bernice and gave her a warm welcome. It was a fun time in all the school when Bernice came.

Bernice and the War

War started throughout the world, and Japan and the U.S. became enemies. In Japan, soon people started to say, "The Blue-eyed Dolls are spies from America!" The Blue-eyed Dolls were destroyed by crushing, drowning, hanging, and hitting them. Moriyama Elementary also received an order to destroy its Blue-eyed Doll. However, one teacher working at Moriyama Elementary at that time said, "The doll has done nothing wrong." This teacher hid Bernice in the library. In this way Bernice was protected.

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This is a translation of a Japanese web page (link no longer available) created by group of 6th graders at Moriyama Elementary School.

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