Myrtle was in the elementary school principal's office.

Meeting with a Blue-eyed Doll

When I heard that there is a Blue-eyed Doll in Ooshika, by all means I wanted to see it. I asked someone, who accompanied me to Ooshika Elementary School where there is a doll.

The doll's name is Myrtle Louise. In 1927, dolls were given by America with the meaning of friendship, and Japanese dolls were given by Japan to America in the same way. There were 286 dolls given to Nagano Prefecture at that time, but only 17 remain.

If you were imagining a Japanese-style Barbie doll, the fact is that she has a rounded and gentle face. Cute, isn't she? In 1990, she made a homecoming to America for an exhibition, and she received a great welcome there.

In the midst of many dolls that were destroyed due to the war, there was a Protection Group in Ooshika, so Myrtle was taken care of very well. Good, good. Best wishes for the future!

This is an English translation of a Japanese web page (link no longer available).

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