Message of Friendship

from Mark Selvaggio, Northridge Elementary School Principal

Koneta Twins

Mrs. Puthoff and I are very honored to be invited to your school for this special occasion. On behalf of Northridge Elementary, we proudly accept the twin of the Koneta doll. Koneta represents the friendship between our school, and Koneta's twin will remind Northridge's students each day of the friendship we share with you.

A ceremony is planned to welcome her when we return to Northridge.

Once again, thank you for your kindness and presenting us with the twin to Koneta. We look forward to meeting you and visiting your classrooms. Continue your hard work and listen to your teachers.

Friendship forever,

Mr. Mark Selvaggio
Northridge Elementary School Principal

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Special thanks to Saigo Elementary School for permission to publish this web page
Source: booklet on The Koneta Twin Doll Presentation Ceremony (February 9, 2001)

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