Tottori Prefecture History

Doll Exchange Across the Pacific Ocean

          (Prefectural Official Archives)

On the day of the 1927 Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival), 12,739 "Blue-eyed Dolls," each with its own name and carrying a passport and letters, came from the United States of America to Japanese elementary schools and kindergartens.

However, when the war started between Japan and the U.S. in 1941, many of the dolls were destroyed. At present, the existence of only 238 dolls nationwide has been confirmed. Two dolls remain in Tottori Prefecture, at Kawahara-cho's Sanki Elementary School and in the city of Yonago.

On Christmas of 1927, Japan sent 58 dolls to America as a token of appreciation. Miss Tottori, the doll given by Tottori Prefecture, is being kept with care at the South Dakota State Historical Society. At the 1989 Tottori World Toy Exhibition, the doll made a homecoming trip to the city of Tottori after being away for 62 years.

In the future, we must continue the hope for international peace entrusted to these dolls.

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