"Blue," a Blue-eyed Doll from America
Photo: April 5, 2001


The doll at right is a Blue-eyed Doll named "Blue."

In 1926 Blue departed Indianapolis in America and in the following year arrived at Shisakajima Elementary School.

During the war Blue's whereabouts were not known, but the doll was discovered when Shisakajima Elementary School was closed.

The Blue-eyed Dolls are valuable dolls that came from America as envoys to the children of Japan.

In those days the dolls were "symbols of Japanese-American friendship," but during World War II many were disposed of as "enemy dolls."

Although there were over 10,000 dolls in Japan, now only 300 remain.

Handmade dolls were sent from Japan as thank-you gifts.

Shisakajima Elementary School
Photo: April 5, 2001 
Shisakajima Elementary School

At left is Shisakajima Elementary School located near the top of Mino Island.

In 1901, it was established as a private school named Shisakajima Common School, and it opened with 35 students.

Afterwards, the name changed several times. In April 1961 it became Shisakajima Elementary School, a public school run by Miyakubo Town. In March 1977, the school closed due to the contraction of activity in the Shisaka factories.

During a period of 76 years over 5,000 children studied here.

Elementary School Classroom
Like When Used By Students
Photo: April 5, 2001
Stopped Time

We were able to take a tour inside the elementary school building. The classrooms have been preserved just like when they were used.

More than 1,000 children had gathered here when the school had its highest number of students.

The small desks and chairs, lined up one by one, had many scars and marks on them.

Much history and many memories are contained here. The school building with the children's voices having disappeared gave us a feeling of loneliness.

This is an English translation of part of a Japanese web page (link no longer available).
Special thanks to Niihama Minami High School for permission to publish this web page.

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