Blue-eyed Doll Arrives

          Sally comes to Hirohata Elementary


A Blue-eyed Doll was given to Hirohata Elementary School. About 75 years ago the first Blue-eyed Doll was given to Hirohata Elementary. A photo remains, but the doll is no longer at the school.

The school consulted with Katsuhiro Natsume, a Blue-eyed Doll researcher and a former junior high school teacher now living in Toyokawa City, about whether a new Blue-eyed Doll could be obtained. Mr. Natsume contacted Mr. Gulick in America about this request.

The package sent to the school contained a traveling bag, passport, and letter from Mr. Gulick. Inside the bag were some extra clothes for the doll.

Extra Clothing Inside Bag

          Letter from Mr. Gulick, 3d

June 15, 2002                         

Dear friends at Hirohata Shogakko,

          About seventy-five years ago my grandfather, Sidney L. Gulick, inaugurated a doll mission in which American children sent over 12,000 friendship dolls to children of Japan. In return, Japan sent a special collection of gorgeous ambassador dolls to the United States. Both sets of dolls were sent in order to help the children of the two countries better understand and appreciate each other.

          Now we are happy to send to Hirohata Shogakko a new friendship doll. We present her in the same spirit that the dolls were sent across the Pacific Ocean seventy five years ago, through the World Friendship Among Children in the United States and in Japan.

          The name of the new friendship doll is Sally, which is a common American girl's name. In addition to Sally herself, my wife Mrs. Gulick has prepared another outfit, a nightgown, and traveling bag made especially for Sally. She is also accompanied by a passport with information about her. We hope that you will feel kind thoughts when you see her.

          We send to you and your families our best wishes for a good and peaceful year, and please enjoy Sally.

                                                                 Sidney L. Gulick, 3d

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