Blue-eyed Doll at Kanae Elementary School

July 3, 1997     Mr. Gulick, 3d     to Kanae Elementary

About 75 years ago, Dr. Gulick issued a call to "send dolls as messengers of friendship and peace to Japanese children" with the idea of "world peace through children," and about 12,000 dolls were given.

However, the objective of Dr. Gulick came to a stop because of the unfortunate happenings of World War II. Nearly all of the dolls became victims of the war as they were burnt and destroyed, with the terrible declarations that they were "dolls of the hated enemy" and not "peace and friendship messengers." However, even in such circumstances, 276 dolls, which were saved by kind people, remain throughout Japan. In 1986, the "Yokohama Doll Museum" was built in Yokohama City, the place where the first dolls arrived in Japan. Consequently, Mr. Gulick, 3d, following his grandfather's wishes, started to give "New Blue-eyed Dolls."

When we informed Mr. Gulick, 3d, that we were studying about the "Blue-eyed Dolls" and peace based upon remaining photos of the doll that had come to Kanae Elementary School in 1927, the new Blue-eyed Doll "Cora" was given to the school in February 1996.

At a later time, Mr. Gulick, 3d, and his wife, the senders of the new Blue-eyed Doll "Cora," visited Japan. Our hope was that they would visit Kanae Elementary School.

Therefore, all the children and staff of the school greeted Mr. Gulick, 3d, and his wife, and then introduced them to some of the educational activities and endeavors at Kanae Elementary School.


Mr. Gulick, 3d, and his wife Frances greeted by Kanae Elementary students and staff

Kanae Elementary School, Fukuyama City     Telephone  0849-35-7252

Wish -- from the heart of a messenger of peace --


I have lived a long time.
I have met a variety of hearts.
I will fly, spreading wide my wings
Filled with children's desire for peace.
So the color of the sea may be blue.
So the color of the sky may be blue.


From a distant past hidden in darkness 
To a future of light gently shining
I will fly, spreading wide my wings
Being entrusted with the children's wish for peace.
So the color of the sea may be blue.
So the color of the sky may be blue.


Many voices were heard.
I was hugged with the palms of small hands.
I will fly, spreading wide my wings
Proclaiming the children's call for peace.
So the color of the sea may be blue.
So the color of the sky may be blue.

This song was composed based on the lyrics written by Miss Ono, who graduated in 1996. It is one of the children's favorite songs.

Special thanks to Kazushi Satou for permission to publish this web page.
This is an English translation of a Japanese web page (link no longer available).

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