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Mia and Hailey arrived at Takasago Kindergarten in November 2002 as a gift from the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. Takasago Kindergarten lent their two original Blue-eyed Dolls, Erika and Helen, for the museum's 2002 exhibition, Passports to Friendship: Celebrating 75 Years of U.S.-Japan Friendship Doll Exchange. Volunteers at the Japanese American National Museum named Mia and Hailey and sent them to Takasago Kindergarten as tokens of the museum's appreciation.

Mia and Hailey came with two passports, two changes of clothes, and an album with photos, drawings, and messages of friendship written by museum visitors. Although Friendship Dolls from America are called Blue-eyed Dolls in Japan, both dolls have brown eyes. Claudia Sobral, Director of Education at the Japanese American National Museum, wrote to Takasago: "We are sure Mia and Hailey will enjoy their new home and that all of you will take very good care of them. We hope that they join Helen and Erika to serve as ambassadors of friendship between our countries."

Takasago Kindergarten welcomed Mia and Hailey with a one-week exhibition of dolls made by the children from clay, wood, and other materials. The children worked together to create a huge doll made from cardboard and leaves. The exhibition also included many drawings of dolls by the children.

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