Paula - New Blue-eyed Doll
at Watauchi Elementary School


Paula is a New Blue-eyed Doll given by Mr. Gulick, 3d, in 2001 to Watauchi Elementary School to serve as a bridge for Japanese-American friendship. This doll was given in the same spirit as the original Blue-eyed Dolls sent to Japan by American children in 1927.

On June 16, 2001, Sharon Gulick visited Watauchi Elementary School to meet with the students and teachers. During her visit Sharon met with the school's sixth-grade students, who had been involved in many activities and studies related to the Blue-eyed Dolls. She also brought a message from her father, Sidney Gulick, 3d, "I will send to you a doll who will be a younger sister to Mary." Mary is the original Blue-eyed Doll that the school received in 1927, when Dr. Sidney Gulick, Sharon's great-grandfather, coordinated a project to send over 12,000 American dolls to Japanese elementary schools and kindergartens.

Mary's sister named Paula arrived at Watauchi Elementary School on August 1, 2001, 74 years after Mary came to the school. Paula carried a message from Mr. Gulick, 3d, and a passport that says, "Date of expiration: Never." Paula's mother, Mr. Gulick's wife Frances, made by hand three changes of clothing in a travel bag, also handmade specially for Paula. The children were very impressed when they saw the handmade travel bag and clothing.

Watauchi 6th Graders with
Paula (left) and Mary (right)
It seems like Paula's smile and cute appearance is gently joining people together. Every child warmly welcomed Paula and really wants to work hard to build a "rainbow bridge" of friendship.

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Source of information:
Article written by Yoko Kobayashi, sixth-grade teacher,
and published in the November 2001 issue of the
Shinano Education Journal.

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