Letter from Miss Aomori

From Torei Ningyo Miss Aomori,

To the People of Aomori, Japan,

I left your beautiful city in October, 1927. On my long journey with my 57 sisters to the land of the red, white and blue. It was a wonderful journey by ship to San Francisco, California. We were put in small groups to travel around the USA and then put into museums.

In 1963, I was in a very small antique shop with one foot missing and one of my kimono sleeves missing. I lost a few things along the way but not my spirit. This young lady came in and she bought me. She has been my mother ever since.

Her father was a craftsman and made me a foot, so I could stand proud. My mother knew I was special but could not find any information about me for a very long time. Of course, she took care of me but my skin has a few problems because of time and environment.

Thanks to the Internet, and Rosie Skiles from the Japanese American Doll Enthusiasts and Michiko Takaoka of the Japanese Culture Center, I found my identity.

The artist that created me was Shokansai. I am Miss Aomori and so proud and happy to have represented your prefecture.


Miss Aomori and Elaine Christiansen

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Special thanks to Elaine Christiansen for permission to publish this letter.

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