Letter of Thanks for Miss Okazaki
16 Fulton St, Newark, NJ
June 16, 1929

Hon. Honda Toshiki
Mayor of Okazaki City, Japan

Dear Sir:

      I wish to express to you and to your city my sincere thanks for the beautiful doll Miss Okazaki, recently presented to me by Mr. K. Yasuma. The honor is very great for the little I have done.

      It was my privilege to help with the Friendship Doll project and the letter you kindly sent with Miss Okazaki testifies to the value of Doll Ambassadors of Friendship.

      The tears came in my eyes when I saw the little American dolls in the photograph of the "farewell party" you so kindly arranged for Miss Okazaki. How I wish it were possible for me to send a doll to each one of the darling children shown in the picture.

      No doubt Mr. Nozawa has told you that drawings from the Maguire School were exhibited by me in the Newark Museum. In that same beautiful building on June 2nd, I arranged an informal ceremony in honor of Mr. Yasuma and the lovely doll he had carried so many many miles to give to me. His sunny smile and winsome manner will long be remembered by all who met him.

      Miss Okazaki has already visited many school classes to the great delight of teachers and children.

      Assuring you that she will always be one of my greatest treasures and a constant reminder of the kindness of my Japanese friends, I am

Most gratefully yours,
Minet Blackwell Moore

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Letter provided by Margaret Russomanno

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