Letter with Emily Katherine

Dear little friend of Japan:

     My name is Emily Katherine. I bring greetings from the "Women's Federation" of the Evanston Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. I hope you will like me as much as I am going to like you and your beautiful country. I have heard so much about your lovely festival of dolls, and feel greatly honored that I am to occupy a place of importance in your calendar year.

     My many friends who have sent me are also your friends and are interested in the fulfillment of a deeper and truer friendship between your country and mine.

Three things grant me
Lord God above,
Understanding, faith and love.
Love in my heart and faith in my soul,
With understanding to see the goal.
Faith as the way and love as the light,
With understanding to keep me right.
For faith is the seed, and love is the flower,
But understanding the living power.

Picture of original two-page letter with Emily Katherine

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Letter provided by Kisaku Kadota

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