Letter With Doll Named Martha Heath

Franklin St. Sunday School
 Manchester N.H.                

Dear little Japanese girl,
     We are so interested in your doll festival that we are sending this doll, Martha Heath, to live with you. We hope that you will enjoy her, for we took great care in dressing her. You probably have many, many Japanese dolls, but this American doll will be a great addition, we hope. I wish we could send a picture of our class with this letter to send to you with Martha. Japan is very different from America isn’t it? I should think you would be cold in winter with only paper houses. My uncle was a missionary in China but he went to Japan also. I like your country better than China, it is a lot prettier. I know a girl who lives in Tokyo, Masaco Yamada.

Sincerely yours, 
Barbara Belcher

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