Students' Comments About The Secret Friend
Tokoname Nishi Elementary School

The doll Grammy came out
of her case and appeared
to the children at midnight

The Urinko Theater Group performed the play The Secret Friend at Tokoname Nishi Elementary School on October 17, 2002.

The scene is the hard times in 1943 during World War II. This is a wonderful play that depicts the relationship between the children and the Friendship Doll (Blue-eyed Doll) given by America.

This play's main character Shizuko becomes a friend with the doll. The children's pure hearts overcome the war, and they cherish their friendship with the American doll. The doll Grammy is protected by Mr. Sudo, who believed that "the doll did nothing wrong, and the bad ones were the people who instigated the war."

This play about the Friendship Doll and the children gives one feelings of happiness and enjoyment just like the sun fills one's heart.

Students' Comments about the Play

1st graders

  • There was a war, and I was somewhat sad.
  • I thought Grammy was very cute when I first saw her.

2nd graders

  • The boys' fake swordplay was funny, and I couldn't help but laughing.
  • My heart was pounding when I saw it.

3rd graders

  • I also want to be full of love like Shizuko and her friends.
  • Like Shizuko and her friends, I also want there to be lots of love. Grammy seemed really happy when the rose on her brooch bloomed.

4th graders

  • I felt sick when the man said, "burn the doll."
  • It is hurtful to Americans when Grammy's friends were stabbed with spears and were burnt. After seeing this play, I think war is an ugly thing.

5th graders

  • It would be great to talk with Grammy. If I could talk to someone, I would like to talk to my pet dog.
  • A long time ago Japan and America fought a war. However, since now the two countries are good friends, it seems unbelievable there was a war in the past.

6th graders

  • I would like to try to see another play, but it's very unfortunate that I'll be graduating. During my entire six years in elementary school, this play is something that will remain in my heart. I became concerned and cried when the doll was about to be burnt.
  • I thought it was really fantastic the ability of the actors and actresses to communicate feelings to those watching the play.

This is an English translation of part of a Japanese web page (link no longer available).
Performance of Play at Ichigi Elementary School on October 21, 2002

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