Doll Exchange for Japanese-American Friendship
Greeted by Many Children

When Mr. and Mrs. Gulick, 3d, made their third visit to Kumamoto Prefecture from June 20 to 22, 2000, an exchange of Blue-eyed Dolls took place for the purpose of Japanese-American friendship. The Japanese-American friendship doll exchange that began in 1927 had the principal objective of peace by deepening the friendship between Japan and America. Today this desire for peace entrusted to the dolls and this wish for our children's future are continuing on.

During this trip, they presented dolls to the Nagakusa, Akamizu, and Ogaishi Day Care Centers and to the Aso YMCA. The children conveyed words of thanks in English, which they had practiced for this day.

In addition, they gave a doll to Oei Kindergarten in Kumamoto City and visited Keitoku Elementary School. They were welcomed by the students, and they spent some time in friendly exchanges with the children at the children's physical education center.

On June 21, there was a welcoming ceremony on June 21 at the New Sky Hotel, where about 60 people gathered, surrounding Mr. and Mrs. Gulick, 3d, and talking about various things.

This is an English translation of a Japanese web page (link no longer available).

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