by Bill Gordon

Thank-you Letters
From Students at Aikawa Elementary School

Jennifer (right) and Faye (right)
Blue-eyed Dolls at Aikawa Elementary
The following letters are translations of a few of the 80 letters received from the 5th graders at Aikawa Elementary School after my visit on May 26, 2003.

Mr. Bill Gordon,

Hello. Thanks for today's talk. I learned a lot about Friendship Dolls and America.

I was surprised to find out there are only 300 Blue-eyed Dolls left. So I always want to take good care of our dolls Jennifer and Faye.

If you have an opportunity again, please come to visit us.

Saki Ogasawara (girl)

Mr. Bill Gordon,

Thank you for speaking to us today. We had a fun time during your talk and the game.

I am learning English. I can only speak English a little. My dream is to become a radio announcer. I want to go to New York for work. See you again sometime.

Mitsuki Hasabe (boy)

Mr. Bill Gordon,

Thank you for telling us about the Friendship Dolls. I am envious of you. The reason is that you can research the Friendship Dolls.

If you have another chance, please visit us at Aikawa Elementary School. Goodbye.

Matsuka Kobayashi (girl)

Mr. Bill Gordon,

Hello. My name is Nagatoshi Akazawa, and I am the person who gave the instructions and blew the whistle for the game.

I really appreciate that you came to visit Aikawa Elementary School. There were many questions from us, and I learned many things from your answers. Goodbye.

Nagatoshi Akazawa (boy)

Mr. Bill Gordon,

Thanks for the fun talk you gave today. I learned a lot about the Blue-eyed Dolls. The way to give a greeting (you told us about today) is "shake hands with a smile while looking at the other person's eyes, and say hello!" I also learned about other things in America. Please come again to Aikawa Elementary School. Goodbye.

Sayaka Konuma (girl)

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