by Bill Gordon

Thank-you Letters
From Students at Ohdono Elementary School

Class of 3rd-grade students
Below are translations of a few  of the letters that I received from about 90 third-grade students at Ohdono Elementary School after I talked to them on June 6, 2003, about Friendship Dolls, American holidays, and U.S. geography.

Dear Bill Gordon,

Thank you for telling us today about America. I was relieved to find out that 44 Japanese dolls dressed in kimonos still remain in America. Since we will take good care of the Blue-eyed Dolls here in Japan, please take good care of the Japanese dolls in America.

Mana Yoshimoto (girl)

Dear Mr. Gordon,

Thank you for coming today from the U.S. to Japan. I really like the Blue-eyed Dolls. This elementary school is full of history. I now realize more about the Ohdono area through the Blue-eyed Dolls. When you come again, please tell us more and more about America.

Soichiro Ito (boy)

Dear Bill Gordon,

Thanks for the fun talk you gave today. Since I like birds, I asked you a question about American birds. At the beginning I was a little afraid to talk to you, but I relaxed when I shook hands with you. Please come again.

Yui Hayashi (girl)

Dear Bill Gordon,

Today was fun. It's great you can speak both English and Japanese. You talked about many things, but it was good you spoke in Japanese. Please come to Ohdono Elementary School again.

Kentaro Nakayama (boy)

Dear Bill Gordon,

Thanks for telling us today about the names of the Blue-eyed Dolls. I think it would be great to get candy on Halloween, the American holiday for children that you told us about. However, you get cavities and it's bad for your stomach if you only eat candy. So when you asked "who likes the big sack for candy?", I raised my hand that I liked the small bags even though many others liked the big sack.

Ayaka (girl)

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