One of the sixth-grade classes at Daiju Elementary School in Yamagata City wrote the script of a play called "Helen's Story - Toward a Peaceful Tomorrow." Helen is the new Blue-eyed Doll received by the school from America in March 2001. The class performed the play at a school assembly on November 9, 2001.  "Helen's Story" includes two songs with the lyrics and music composed by the sixth graders.  These songs have been translated below from Japanese to English.
"Helen's Story" -- Original Songs

I'm Helen

Toward a Peaceful Tomorrow

  Lyrics:   Aya Kainuma (6th grade)
  Music:   Toshiko Imai

I'm Helen
The Blue-eyed Doll Helen
Right after I arrived in Japan
Although many people came to see me
Although they made me so glad
Now no one turns to see me
No one stops by
I'm lonely

  Lyrics:   Shiori Abe (6th grade)
  Music:   Momoko Komatsu (6th grade)
  1. Your friends from long ago
    Who went through the war
    Believe in a spirit of peace
    Watched over by kind people
  2. You and your old friends
    Even though they felt lonely
    Kept a strong spirit
    For peace, for good relations
          We wonder why people fight
          We wonder why people hurt each other
          The flowers, the birds, the trees
          The lives of each one
          All are friends around the world
          All shining the lights of their lives
  3. Not neglecting your feelings
    For peace, for the future
    We can join together for tomorrow
    We'll live with you
    We'll live with you

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Special thanks to Yamagata City Daiju Elementary School for permission to publish this web page.
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