Blue-eyed Doll
Short History of "Ethel Dean"
Hosoya Elementary School, Toyohashi City

Among the 349 Blue-eyed Dolls given to Aichi Prefecture, there are only 9 (as of 1994) confirmed to still be in existence.

In February 1927, the school's Principal Suzukawa went to the Futagawa Station by jinrikisha to greet "Ethel Dean."

During the war, the Blue-eyed Dolls were destroyed and burned everywhere as "dolls of the enemy." The details about how "Ethel Dean" survived that period are not known. In 1989, she returned home to Lincoln, Nebraska, wearing the handmade clothes and shoes from about 60 years before.

The "passport," "ticket," "identification card," "handwritten letter from the woman who made the doll," and "lyrics and music sung when greeting the doll" have also been preserved.

- Reference Sources -
Our Home Hosoya, edited by Toyohashi City's Hosoya Elementary School (1989)
Doll Exchanges Beginning with the Blue-eyed Dolls, edited by Yokohama Doll Museum (1991)

Special thanks to the Toyohashi Board of Education,
      Peace Education Research Committee for permission to publish this web page.
This is an English translation of a Japanese web page (link no longer available).
Web page on Ethel Dean created by 6th-grade students at Hosoya Elementary.

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