Blue-eyed Doll

Ethel Dean 

Birth date: January 15, 1927
Return to U.S.: September 1989 to February 1990

The Blue-eyed Dolls were very popular.  Each one closed her eyes when you laid her down and cried out "mama" when you pressed her stomach.

One of these Blue-eyed Dolls is at Hosoya Elementary School in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture.


Passport and Other Items 

Various items that came with Ethel Dean to Hosoya Elementary in 1927 have been preserved.  She has a passport, steamship ticket, a letter written in English by the person who made the doll, and the lyrics and score for a song that was sung to welcome her.



When researching the dolls, I felt they experienced terrible times. I want our doll to remain safely forever as a treasure of Hosoya Elementary.
I was surprised since I felt like it isn't a doll. Our Blue-eyed Doll wears clothes and has a passport even though it is a doll.
In Aichi Prefecture there are only nine dolls, and I learned for the first time there is one at Hosoya Elementary. When trying to investigate the doll's story, I thought we should take good care of it since it's a very valuable doll.

This is an English translation of a Japanese web page (link no longer available)
     created by 6th graders at Hosoya Elementary School.
Another web page on Ethel Dean
     by Toyohashi Board of Education, Peace Education Research Committee

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