Blue-eyed Doll
at Nima Elementary School

This doll at Nima Elementary School is one of only two Blue-eyed Dolls that remain in Shimane Prefecture. The other one is located at Imafuku Elementary School in Kanagi-cho. These dolls were among over 12,000 dolls sent to Japan from America as friendship messengers.

Unfortunately, the name of the doll is not known now. This 35-centimeter American girl doll also is missing a shoe on one of her feet. Her eyes close when you lay her down.

At the welcoming ceremony held on July 19, 1927, the entire school sang the "Blue-eyed Doll" song to greet the doll. Also, for several years afterward this Blue-eyed Doll was displayed during Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival) along with Japanese dolls brought to the school by many students.

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Special thanks to Yasumaro Shiro for permission to publish this web page.

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