Reprinted with permission from
Dolls of Friendship, 2nd Edition,
copyright 1997, Sidney L. Gulick, 3d

Letter From Sidney L. Gulick
to Boys and Girls of Japan

In order to make sure that every Japanese recipient of a doll might have an intelligible message from America, the following letter was prepared and translated by Miss Michi Kawai. A copy of the translation was placed by the Department of Education in each package sent to a school receiving an American Friendship Doll:


This doll messenger of friendship carries the greetings of our Committee on World Friendship Among Children to you and to your family.

Notwithstanding her long voyage, your doll, I hope, will still be able to say "Mama," and may also be able to open her eyes and see the O Hina Matsuri and the new sights which you will show her in your beautiful country.

I wish to let you know that tens of thousands of American children and young people, and older ones too, have become deeply interested in Japan since they have heard of your beautiful festival. They are sending many thousands of dolls like this one to say, so far as dolls can say it, how much we wish for you, and for all the children in Japan, joy and prosperity, health and long life.

Knowing as I do, from my many years of life in your country, that you will at once begin to ask what you should send to the givers of your doll as an expression of your appreciation, may I suggest that you send a thank-you letter, and perhaps a picture postcard showing your wonderful cherry blossoms or your glorious chrysanthemums?. . . Our children will be eagerly waiting for a letter, written in Japanese or in English on your pretty Japanese letter paper. And if you have a photograph of yourself, that, too, will be highly appreciated.

In case by chance the name and address of the senders of your doll has been lost on the way, if you will send your letter to my care, giving the number on your doll's passport, I will try to trace the clues and get your letter to the right person.

Hoping that you and your sisters and friends may all have great fun with your American doll, and that your country and ours may always be loyal friends, I am, with all good wishes,

Very cordially yours,

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