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Friendship Dolls

The book Dolls of Friendship, by Dr. Sidney L. Gulick, relates the exciting story of the exchange of Friendship Dolls between Japan and the United States in 1927. This 145-page book tells several touching stories connected with sending and receiving the dolls. In addition, the book contains many historical photos.

The first edition was published in 1929 by the Friendship Press (New York City) for the Committee on World Friendship Among Children. The second edition was published by the Friendship Ambassadors Press (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) in 1997.

This Friendship Dolls web site contains several excerpts from the book Dolls of Friendship. Dr. Gulick's grandson, Sidney L. Gulick, 3d, has been so kind to provide permission for use of these excerpts.

A 1929 advertisement for the book described the book in the following words:

A fascinating tale of an adventure of 13,000 American Doll Messengers of Friendship, who made a long trip to Japan in 1927 and were joyously welcomed by millions of Japanese children. The following year, growing out of the friendship thus established between the children of these two nations, 58 superb Japanese Doll Ambassadors of Goodwill were sent to the United States by Japanese children, and were welcomed in over 1,000 receptions.

This charmingly written story tells about the experiences of these Doll Ambassadors during their tours in American and Japan, the part played in their reception by millions of children, the delightful letters which passed between the children themselves, the enthusiastic cooperation of everyone, the impressive effect of such signs of goodwill on the cities and villages, on citizens, officials and diplomats--all these have been set down. Here is a simple but revealing narrative that will stir keen interest and stimulate high hopes in parents, educators and leaders of children everywhere, in the great task of building up goodwill between the nations.

This 80-page Japanese book, Doll Exchanges Beginning With the Blue-eyed Dolls, narrates the story of the 1927 doll exchange between Japanese and American children.  This book, published in 1991 by the Yokohama Doll Museum, has numerous historical photos, and it chronicles the history of other doll exchanges and the  resurgence of interest in the American Blue-eyed Dolls and Japanese Friendship Dolls.

A 16-page section provides details on how the American and Japanese dolls were made. Appendices provide the current locations of Blue-eyed Dolls in Japan, current locations of the Japanese Friendship Dolls in the US, and a detailed chronology of "Blue-eyed Dolls" and subsequent "doll envoys."

 This book, entitled Ningyoutachi no Kakehashi, literally means Bridge of Dolls. This 320-page paperback book illustrates in many ways how the American and Japanese Friendship Dolls have served as a "bridge" between Japan and the US in order to establish better relationships between both children and adults. The book was published in 1998 by Shogakukan Bunko.

The author, Eiko Takeda, has written several children's books. She is the most famous writer about the American Blue-eyed Dolls and the Japanese Friendship Dolls, and she has written several books on the subject, both for children and for adults.

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