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Dolls at Osawa Elementary School: Martha (right), Sara (center), and Ichimatsu Doll (left)


Japan has developed much Friendship Doll material for the Worldwide Web. For example, many Japanese elementary schools feature the Blue-eyed Dolls sent from America on their home pages.  These web pages include photos and information about dolls received in 1927 and those received in more recent years from America.

Three 5th-grade students at Osawa Elementary School in Saitama Prefecture created a nice web site to tell the dramatic story of a Blue-eyed Doll and a Japanese Ichimatsu Doll being hidden together for 40 years before being discovered.  Click to get to an English translation of the "Blue-eyed Dolls" Page and their entire web site.

Nishimae Elementary School has a web site about the three Friendship Dolls at their school. The site contains several historical photos and even a short multiple-choice quiz about the dolls. English translation.

This web site on Friendship Dolls contains many links to individual web pages that provide additional information.

Photo used with permission of Jun Takahashi

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