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Miss Tottori


Innumerable newspaper articles have been published about the Friendship Dolls. Many of these articles center around an individual doll who means so much to the children at an elementary school or to the people living in the local area. 

The New York Times newspaper gave this report on March 4, 1927, when the American Blue-eyed Dolls arrived in Japan:

With appropriate and charming ceremonies selected dolls from American children as gifts were today handed over to representatives of the Japanese children. The idea of sending the gifts . . . to such a cheerful family anniversary as the annual girls' festival touched the imagination of the Japanese people, and probably every home in Japan today heard friendly talk about America.

The following three newspaper articles describe the reception in Japan of the American Blue-eyed Dolls:

Below are just a couple of the many more recent newspaper articles about the dearly loved Japanese Friendship Dolls:

Additional newspaper articles can be found in the section on the individual Japanese Friendship Dolls.

Photo used with permission of Tottori Prefectural Government

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