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Friendship Dolls
Picture Postcards

American Doll Messenger
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Picture postcards have been part of the Friendship Doll story since the very beginning. In 1927, when Japan received nearly 13,000 dolls sent from America, many different picture postcards were issued to commemorate the event. The picture at right shows one of the American doll messengers of peace and friendship. Other picture postcards include:

In late 1927 when the 58 Torei Ningyo (Dolls of Gratitude) were sent from Japan to America, picture postcards were also issued and widely distributed. For example, postcards were printed of Miss Tochigi and her accessories, in addition to a special commemorative envelope for the postcards.

Miss Yokohama
In recent years, a variety of picture postcards about the Friendship Dolls have been issued. The postcard at left was made by the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys to honor the return of Miss Yokohama to America from Japan after she had been restored there.

Other recent Friendship Doll postcards include the following:

- Miss Hyogo - to commemorate her homecoming to Japan in 1997
- Eight Blue-eyed Dolls in Hyogo Prefecture - in conjunction with Miss Hyogo's return to Hyogo Prefecture
- Celebration of Hina Matsuri (Dolls' Festival) at Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute

Postcard of American Doll Messenger courtesy of A.M. Cohen. All rights reserved.
Postcard of Miss Yokohama courtesy of Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys. All rights reserved.

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