Tokyo Welcoming Ceremony for American Dolls

The above photo is an enlargement from a picture postcard issued in 1927 in Japan to commemorate the huge welcoming ceremony that took place in Tokyo on March 3.

The following is a translation of the description of the ceremony on the backside of the postcard:

A cheerful welcoming ceremony for the Blue-eyed Dolls, who carried delightful letters saying "let's be friends," took place on the Feast of Peach Blossoms (Doll's Festival) on March 3rd at Nippon Youth Assembly Hall in Aoyama. The American ambassador and his wife, who looked like the dolls' father and mother, were the guests of honor. Student representatives from Tokyo elementary schools and students from the American School in Shibuya shared their deep joy by happily singing songs.

The photo shows Betty, the daughter of the American Consul in Yokohama, giving a doll to Yukiko, beloved granddaughter of Prince Tokugawa Iesato.

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Postcard courtesy of A.M. Cohen. All rights reserved.

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