Program for Reception of Dolls in Tokyo

The grand reception to the American Friendship Dolls was given on March 3, 1927, in Tokyo. A New York Times article related that "probably every home in Japan today heard friendly talk about America."

This was the program:

  • Chairman's Opening Address - Mr. Chinjiro Matsuura, Vice Minister of Education
  • National Anthems - Everyone
         - Japanese Anthem
         - American Anthem
  • Progress Report - Mr. Ryukichi Sekiya, Director, Bureau of General Education, Ministry of Education
  • Greetings from American Children - Miss Betty Ballantine
  • Song ("Doll Song") - American Children
  • Presentation to Welcome Dolls
  • Greetings from Japanese Children - Miss Yukiko Tokugawa
  • Song ("Welcome to American Dolls") - Japanese Children
  • Dolls Take Seats (music and song - "Welcome to American Dolls") - All Children
  • Speeches by Guests
         - American Ambassador Charles MacVeagh
         - Viscount Eiichi Shibusawa
  • Closing - Music by Toyama Gakko Army Band

A special postcard was issued in Japan to commemorate this happy event.

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