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Japanese Friendship Dolls

  Accessories of Miss Hyogo

The Japanese Friendship Dolls arrived in America with much more than the clothes (kimonos, to be more exact) on their backs. They each had many accouterments in their luggage.  These personal accessories, furniture, and clothing made their long stay in America more comfortable.

Of course, these accouterments were doll-sized.  The Japanese dolls brought with them the following types of items:

Miss Kagawa
with her accessories
  • two pedestal lanterns with silk shades
  • silk parasol
  • fan
  • straw sandals (zori)
  • lacquer chest of drawers
  • lacquer storage chest
  • lacquer vanity set with mirror and drawers
  • doll passport
  • steamship ticket
  • lacquer sewing stand
  • purse
  • six-panel painted screen for decoration

In addition, the dolls had two tea sets, one for daily use and one for the special Japanese tea ceremony. These tea sets included such items as porcelain tea cups, containers for loose-leaf or powdered tea, woven-grass hot pads to protect table, and containers for hot water. 

Photos used with permission of St. Joseph Museum,
Kagawa Friendship Doll Association, and North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

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