Miss Tokushima

Shosuke Genga, famous doll maker from Osaka, and Michiko Takaoka examine Miss Tokushima



Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture, Spokane (Spokane, Washington)

Now let me introduce you to Miss Tokushima, a very quiet smiling lady. She was born in Tokyo in 1927. She looks so young for her age. Her doll maker was one of the best in all of Japan and modeled her to look like a 5-year-old Japanese girl. She is not only a display doll; she can bend her arms and legs and she can even sit in a Japanese way. (from speech by Michiko Takaoka at The Doll Festival, Hina Matsuri, celebrated at Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute on March 3, 2000)

In March 2001, Shosuke Genga, a famous doll maker from Osaka, Japan, visited Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute (Spokane, Washington) as a special guest at their annual Hina Matsuri (Dolls' Festival) celebration. After the event, Mr. Genga visited with the curatorial staff of the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture. He examined Miss Tokushima, offered the staff tips on her care and storage, and also provided insights on her clothing, how she was made, etc.

Mr. Genga is the third direct descendent of the founder of the Genga Doll-Making School in Osaka, Japan. He is a master of classic Japanese doll craftsmanship, with unparalleled skill in making elegant dolls. Genga dolls are dressed in beautiful kimonos using yuzen prints, showing the exquisite refinement and the tradition of formal Japanese dolls.

Mr. Genga has been an avid supporter of the Friendship Doll Program at Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute from the beginning in 1993. Each year he has donated beautiful dolls.

  • Japan-U.S. Friendship Doll Campaign - Miss Tokushima attends each year the Doll Festival, or Hina Matsuri, at Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute. New friendship dolls are introduced and presented to schools and other organizations to encourage their study of Japan and world cultures.
  • The Friendship Doll Program: The Experience - Speech given by Michiko Takaoka at Hina Matsuri celebrated at Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute on March 3, 2001. When she first met Miss Tokushima in 1992, she was "overwhelmed by her innocent smile and clear beauty."

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Photo courtesy of Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture
Information sources:
     - Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute Cultural Center News (March and April 2001)
     - Yvonne Morton, Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

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