Reprinted with permission from
Dolls of Friendship, 2nd Edition,
copyright 1997, Sidney L. Gulick, 3d

Letter Carried by Doll to Japan

Ypsilanti, Michigan                


This is Betty Joyce. She is sent to you by a class of ten-year-old boys in the First Baptist Church of Ypsilanti. We boys earned the money to buy her, and our mothers and teachers made her clothing. We hope that you will like her. She brings you our good wishes.

We have been studying about Japan and we think it is a very interesting country. Today we are having a Japanese party. The room is decorated with colored lanterns and chrysanthemums, and some of the children are wearing Japanese costumes, and we have played some Japanese games with rice bags. Children have a good time in Japan and America, we think.

May our countries always be good friends.

Sincerely yours,      
(Signed by the class)

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