The Blue-eyed Doll
Scene 1

Child 1: "Mr. Kato, goodbye."

Child 2: "Bye."

Mr. Kato: "Goodbye, be careful on your way home."

When Mr. Kato was seeing off the children returning home, the phone rang in the teachers' room.  It was a call from the school's principal.

Principal: "Hello, is this Mr. Kato? I think at your branch school there's a blue-eyed doll that came from America long ago."

Mr. Kato: "Yes, there surely is."

Principal: "Today there was a phone call from a police officer. I was told to get rid of that doll. Since he's going to the school tomorrow to verify it, please dispose of it soon."

Mr. Kato: "OK, I understand. I'll burn the doll today."

Principal: "Please take care of it."

The phone call ended.

During that time Japan was fighting a terrible war with America. Therefore, many people said, "America is a devil! Don't use English! Destroy the dolls given by America!"

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Story and Pictures: Tomomi Shoji
Production: Miyagi Blue-eyed Doll Study Group

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