International Exchange
Through Dolls

Mikkabi Nishi
Elementary School

Mikkabi Nishi Elementary School - Children deepen international understanding through Blue-eyed Dolls.
The children of Mikkabi Nishi Elementary School in Hikisa-gun have been engaged in learning activities with the slogan, "Let's join hands, all global citizens." These activities are based on an old American Blue-eyed doll that escaped the devastation of the war and still remains in the town. As the children participate in international exchanges, they are building the foundations of international friendship and are increasing their awareness as "global citizens" living on a worldwide scale.

These studies were carried out by 116 sixth grade students. The children each found topics and did research about the historical background of the Blue-eyed Dolls and about the war by using the Internet and other methods. They expanded their interests to a wide range of subjects. Principal Kosuke Shibata says, "As the students at the school develop international awareness, it is a good opportunity to consider not only Europe and the U.S. but also other countries."

Through these studies, an exchange was initiated with Vandalia Elementary School in Porterville, California, with which our town has a sister city relationship. Several exchanges, such as a new doll sent by Vandalia Elementary, have taken place during the previous school year. The children are planning to send letters written in English. Several of the children are filled with dreams. Kiyono Iguchi says, "I want to investigate American culture in more detail. I want to actually go there and to make friends." Ryo Suda explains, "I wrote a letter by using a Japanese-English dictionary and by asking the teacher. I want to send it quickly and to make new friends."

This is an English translation of a Japanese web page (link no longer available).

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