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Classroom Experiences

Three Students Display
Their Origami Creations

The following links give information about programs put on by American schools to learn about Japanese culture and history.

The links below describe Friendship Doll educational activities in Japanese schools:

  • Hirobuchi Elementary School - Third graders hear story of Blue-eyed Doll at Hirobuchi Kindergarten.

  • Aioi Elementary School - Children learn about international cultural exchange and peace through the Friendship Dolls. The students enjoy sending e-mail messages and exchanging letters, pictures, and calligraphy with children at elementary school in North Carolina.

  • Mikkabi Nishi Elementary School - Students do research about the historical background of the Blue-eyed Dolls and about World War II by using the Internet and other methods.

  • Hongo Nishi Elementary School - "Blue-eyed Doll Panel Exhibition" put together by students.

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