January 25, 1997 - Fuchu News Sokuho

Letter from Joanna

    I am Joanna, who came to Fuchu Minami Elementary School from America. Mr. Gulick, 3d, who gave me, is the grandson of the minister Dr. Gulick, who 70 years ago gave over 12,000 "Blue-eyed Dolls" because he wished that the children of Japan and America would be good friends. So I am a second-generation doll. However, my eyes are brown.

    I was very happy at my welcoming ceremony held at Minami Elementary School the other day. The Minami Elementary children enthusiastically sang for me "Wish -- from the heart of a messenger of peace," a song composed by a student at Kanae Elementary School in Fukuyama City, which previously had been give a new doll by Mr. Gulick, 3d. Everyone hugged me after the ceremony, and they took a commemorative photo together with me.

    The dolls that were first given were burned and thrown away during the war since they were considered to be dolls of the enemy. Since ten years ago, Mr. Gulick has continued to give dolls to schools throughout the country so that such misfortune would never happen again. In Fuchu City, I'm the only one, but I want to become good friends with all the children throughout the city. So invite me to your school, OK? I'll surely go to see you.

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