December 19, 1996 - Fuchu News Sokuho

New Japanese-American Friendship Ambassador

Blue-eyed Doll Arrives
    On the 15th, a ceremony was held at the Minami Community Center in Habu-cho to welcome the "Blue-eyed Doll" given by America. Local residents and Minami Elementary School students greeted the doll.

    Seventy years ago, 12,000 "Blue-eyed Dolls" were given by the minister Dr. Gulick as messengers of Japanese-American friendship. The children in those days took loving care of the dolls, but most were burnt or thrown away during World War II since they were considered to be dolls of the enemy. The number of dolls known to exist are only 280 in the entire country, and there are only four in Hiroshima Prefecture. Sidney Gulick, 3d, grandson of Dr. Gulick, has been giving new "Blue-eyed Dolls" to Japanese elementary schools and nursery schools for the past ten years to establish a new bridge of friendship.

    At the Adult University of the Community Center, Director Tsugio Tsukamoto and other local people knowledgeable about the Blue-eyed Dolls eagerly worked to welcome a doll also to Fuchu City, and they brought to realization the gift to Minami Elementary School. Before this, they held a welcoming ceremony at the Community Center, which was the origin of a doll being given to Minami Elementary. Four children from Fukuyama City's Kanae Elementary School, which was given a doll in February of last year, showed to the children of Minami Elementary School their school's doll, her passport, and pajamas handmade by Mrs. Gulick. Mr. Gulick's letter, which said "I am very happy to be able to send this new Friendship Doll," also was shown to them.

    After the welcome ceremony, the children ran up to cute Joanna, with her brown eyes, brown hair, and blue dress, in order to take a closer look and to hold her. Principal Essei Nakano spoke, "Thanks to everyone here in the area, we could welcome our wonderful friend, and the children also are very glad. After showing this doll to all of the students at our school, I want to send Mr. Gulick a drawing of the doll and thank-you letters."


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