Friendship Doll
Tamara's Arrival

Let's be great friends
and play together.

On February 19, when we opened a box given to us by Mr. Gulick, 3d, from America, out came cute "Tamara" with blue eyes.

"By having exchanges with foreign countries, the children at Shintoku Kindergarten have been bound together in friendship since more than 75 years ago. Let us all make friends with people throughout the world and work toward world peace."

At the Hina Matsuri Assembly
on February 25.
The children introduce her to the parents. Children, parents, and teachers all participate in the welcoming ceremony.

Tamara, who has made friends
with children at the kindergarten

Taking a turn at
taking care of Tamara

Tamara's Clothing
Came to school in 1927
At Shintoku Kindergarten, there is a charming doll in an old wooden case. Since long ago, it has been handed down by word of mouth, "This is a Blue-eyed Doll. This is the friendship doll named "Evangeline" who came from America 75 years ago in 1927. The director of Shintoku Kindergarten in those days was the first director Tsuru Shindo. In America at that time, a movement began to expel Japanese immigrants. Mr. Gulick I, who had lived in Japan and who was a man Japan liked very much, was greatly troubled by this situation. He thought of a good way that the two countries could become good friends. It was a way that the children would soon become close friends even though their language was different and their skin color was different. If the children in both countries became good friends through exchanging dolls as gifts, then friendship would spring up. When these children became adults, a peaceful world would surely be established. He called on the people around him to participate, and over 12,000 dolls were given to Japan by the efforts of people who agreed with his ideas. One of these dolls is Evangeline. However, it is regrettable that afterward the Pacific War (World War II) began. During the war, anything associated with Japan's enemies was to be destroyed and burnt, and Evangeline of course became a target. However, Evangeline was kept safe at Shintoku Kindergarten. There was a huge air raid on Kofu, and everyone saved the school house, which was beginning to burn, by throwing water on it. Evangeline also did not get burned up. The people maintained the friendship represented by the doll.

Tamara, who arrived
in February 2001
Mr. Gulick I passed away. Now, it is the generation of his grandson Mr. Gulick, 3d. An acquaintance of mine happened to meet the grandson Mr. Gulick, 3d, who was told about Evangeline. Mr. Gulick expressed his thoughts in the following words:

"I think my grandfather's plan was a wonderful thing. Therefore, I have decided to continue his legacy. I deeply appreciate that Shintoku Kindergarten has taken good care of Evangeline. With the same feelings as my grandfather, I am giving to you a second doll named Tamara."

Tamara is the Friendship Doll who Mr. Gulick gave specially to Shintoku Kindergarten. She brought shoes and clothes handmade by his wife. We heard that this is the first doll he gave in the 21st century. On this occasion, the children of Shintoku Kindergarten truly feel bound in friendship not only with American children but also children around the world. Shintoku's children want very much to grow up to be adults who will make a peaceful world. We appreciate very much that Sidney Lewis Gulick has given us the opportunity to consider again the importance of international goodwill, friendship, and peace, and also has given us cute Tamara, who we will love dearly. Thank you very much.

Special thanks to Shintoku Kindergarten for permission to publish this web page.
This is an English translation of a Japanese web page (link no longer available).

Friendship Visits to Shintoku Kindergarten
  - November 2001
  - May 2003
Evangeline's passport
Letter that came with Evangeline

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