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Preparations in Japan
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1927 Doll Exchange
Mission of Friendship



The Friendship Dolls exchanged between America and Japan in 1927 had the primary objective of increasing friendship between the children of the two nations.

The Committee on World Friendship Among Children coordinated the sending of the dolls from America to Japan.  The Committee's general objectives are listed below. Many of these goals can be applied to today's friendship projects, even though these projects may be on a much smaller scale in comparison to the millions of children and adults involved in the 1927 doll exchange. 

  • To conserve the natural friendliness of children by providing opportunities for its expression. 

  • To make real to children through experience the fact that the world is a neighborhood of nations.

  • To implant in the minds of children the ideals of goodwill, understanding, and peace among nations.

  • To select for demonstration a country toward which for some reason special cultivation of friendliness is needed.

  • To give to children a knowledge and an appreciation of the people of that country, stressing similarities, rather than differences.

  • To stimulate interest in some characteristic phase of life in the country, which not only has educational value but is of interest to children.

  • To provide opportunity through a project for the children to express this interest in a thoughtful and worthy way.

  • To dramatize the project so that it will appeal to children.

  • To choose for the consummation of the project a day of special significance tot he other nation.

  • To enlist the interest and the help of older people in the children's friendship gesture.

  • To increase the consciousness among nations of the desirability of worldwide cooperation.

Goals stated above reprinted with permission from
Dolls of Friendship, 2nd Edition,
copyright 1997, Sidney L. Gulick, 3d

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