One of our main activities in 1997 was the "Sennan Battlefield Pilgrimage," visiting the battle sites in the southern parts of Sendai. It was then that we met Murata Daiyon Elementary School's "Blue-eyed Doll Mary." This became the impetus for us to take a closer look at the other dolls still left in Miyagi Prefecture and to undertake this gathering of all six dolls remaining in the prefecture.

As we retraced the history of the dolls, there is an amazing story for each one, and they show us various types of drama. They made us realize not only events of our past but also what is important for mankind.

In the words of former German President Weizsacker, "anyone who closes his eyes to the past is blind to the present." Mr. Weizsacker's words influenced us while writing this story. In putting together this story, we hope to open the eyes of its readers. 

  • According to records from that time, there were 58 Japanese dolls given by Japan as thanks for the "Blue-eyed Dolls. The cost of the dolls was covered by the one sen (about a half cent) contributions by 3 million girls in elementary schools throughout Japan.
  • One of these dolls cost 350 yen. Using the value of today's money, this is equivalent to about 1.8 million yen for each doll, and it comes to more than 100 million yen for the 58 dolls.

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This is an English translation of a Japanese web page.
Special thanks to Tomoko Shizukuishi and the Miyagi Co-op, Peace Action Committee for their permission to publish this web page and for their kind assistance in this English translation.

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