Maiya Elementary School

~    Sixth and Last Blue-eyed Doll Found in Prefecture    ~

On March 14, 1995, this doll was introduced by the Japan Agricultural Newspaper as the "Sixth Blue-eyed Doll Discovered in Miyagi Prefecture." She had been put in a storage closet at the school until 1995, but when the school building was under construction, the teachers at that time said, "What a pity for her to be like this." They wiped the doll's face and hands clean and dressed her in a wool hat and blue clothes, and then put her in a wooden case and displayed her in the principal's office.

 Sixth Doll
It is recorded in the school diary on May 5, 1927, that "a doll welcoming ceremony took place in the lecture hall at one o'clock in the afternoon," but no other materials about the doll remain.

When Monoh Elementary School's current Vice Principal Funashima was a child of four in 1958, he was taken to Maiya Elementary School by his mother, who was the school nurse at that time. When I went with her to the school, "I remember that as a child I was a little bit scared inside when I saw that Blue-eyed Doll standing between the two beds in the school nurse's room." 


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